Measurement of calprotectin in plasma and serum in the assessment of inflammation and severe infection

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What is calprotectin – S100A8/A9 – MRP8/14?

Calprotectin is a heterodimer of two calcium-binding proteins and belongs to the S100 protein family (Synonyms: S100A8/A9 or MRP8/14). It is one of the most abundant proteins in the cytosol of neutrophils making up around 40 %-60 % of the cytosolic proteins. Since calprotectin is released by activated neutrophils during inflammation in several infectious conditions it is a promising biomarker for neutrophil activation and the inflammatory response.

Value of calprotectin in infections and inflammatory conditions

    • Detection and differentiation of bacterial infections
    • Assess and predict severity of infections
    • Follow disease activity and treatment response
    • Detect and predict relapse in remission

The biomarker calprotectin

Calprotectin is released from activated immunocytes, such as neutrophils, monocytes and macrophages during inflammation and upon bacterial infection functioning as anti-microbial and pro-inflammatory protein.

During inflammation large amounts of calprotectin are released and concentration of calprotectin in serum and plasma reflects the degree of inflammation. Indications for its use have been reported in both infectious and non-infectious inflammatory conditions.

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Clinical value of calprotectin in blood

Calprotectin in plasma and serum is a sensitive and early biomarker in detection of inflammation and inflammatory response in infections. The GCAL® Calprotectin assay measures plasma and serum calprotectin in the assessment of inflammation and severe infections.

The assay is in routine use for various diagnostic fields at several hospitals and clinical chemistry laboratories across Europe. GCAL® is used in the fields of intensive care, emergency medicine, neurology, paediatrics, hepato-gastroenterology, rheumatology, dermatology and COVID-19 prognosis.

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Customer success stories – Calprotectin in clinical use

“At Labor Berlin, which is Europe`s biggest hospital laboratory, we are very pleased about the collaboration with Gentian. Before, while and after the application of their assay Gentian has been a very reliable, helpful partner and we would be pleased about future projects. Implementing their assay has helped us to minimise manual processing of samples, clinicians are very pleased now to get results within hours that can be helpful for the decision on therapies. Collaboration with Gentian has both optimised processes within our lab and improved our patients care notably.“

Nadine Unterwalder,
Lead Medical Doctor, Labor Berlin


“Since we started performing GCAL® Calprotectin measurement on our fully automated analysers, the biomarker has become a new routine inflammation marker with strong informative value for all practitioners, in addition to other inflammatory biomarkers. Gentian’s GCAL® Calprotectin is a robust assay in ad equation with our laboratory quality requirements. Collaborating with Gentian in implementing the biomarker in our catalogue was easy and efficient. News fields of applications for calprotectin have raised in addition to the interest in ICU patients, such as for patients with vascularity, scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Dr. Camille Chenevier-Gobeaux,
APHP Centre – Université de Paris, France

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Inflammation marker in infections

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A new routine inflammation biomarker

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Calprotectin in infections

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Calprotectin in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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Clinical use – Success stories

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Calprotectin for blood on clinical chemistry systems – TAT 10 min

Gentian’s calprotectin immunoassay GCAL® is the first turbidimetric assay for the quantitative measurement of calprotectin in plasma and serum intended as an aid in the detection and assessment of inflammation.

The open channel assay can be applied on a wide range of automated clinical chemistry analysers.

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